Our Experiences


In the past three years, BMCI has conducted about 40 courses in the following areas;

  1. Disaster Reporting 2. Advertising, Sales and Marketing 3. Election Reporting in both English and Dzongkha 4. Political Reporting 5. Media Ethics 6. Investigative Journalism 7. Citizen Journalism 8. Media Management 9. Radio Jockeying and Radio Management 10. Presentation and Communication skills 11. Public Relations training for media focal persons 12. Photo Journalism 13. Basic Journalism 14. Training of Trainers and 15. Reporting on Good Governance (for Dzongkha reporters) 16. Korean Language Course 17. Writing for Web 18. Strategies for growth of media organisations 19. Using Google tools 20. Advanced Editing 21. Multi Media Journalism 22. Climate Change Reporting 23. Media Management training for media focal persons 24. Social Media 25. Basic Journalism 26. Basic Radio Journalism 27. Business Strategy for Media

The BMCI management attended the training of trainer’s program and is well equipped to plan, design and implement trainings in a professional manner. The Director is also a trained mentor and can give guidance and counselling to young trainees. BMCI was also awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources in December 2013 for leadership commitment to quality standards set by the Ministry.

Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns:

In addition to planning various advocacy and awareness campaigns in the form of newspaper publications, the promoter also led a three year project on Bhutan’s “biodiversity conservation and sustainable development” on behalf of Kuensel, supported by the CEPF (Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund), USA through the WWF Bhutan Program.

The project entailed a survey to gauge the level of awareness on biodiversity conservation in the targeted areas and carried out the following activities;

  •  Creating awareness about biodiversity conservation and sustainable development issues through Kuensel
  • Bringing about positive behavioural change in conservation and sustainable development issues in the targeted areas.
  • Enhance ability of media personnel to understand and communicate the relevant   biodiversity conservation issues.

As a result of the project, Kuensel published more than 50 environmental and other related stories from different park sites of the country including remotest areas like Merak and Sakteng besides newspaper supplements, posters, pamphlets and educational messages.

Advertising Agency

To carry that initiative forward, BMCI operates an advertising agency within its ambit and they have developed communication material for UNICEF, ICIMOD, Ability Bhutan Society and the SNV among others. It included making multi media products like TV and radio spots, animations, posters, banners, booklets and annual reports.

They also advice and facilitate space booking in the local media for some foreign clients and local advertisers for foreign publications.

One of the glaring gaps in the society is the need for effective communications for development. Therefore, BMCI would explore the possibility of carrying out similar projects involving different media houses so that it would constantly be a part of knowledge building and sharing.


BMCI engages in many research based activities.They were also a part of the team involved in the Bhutan Information and Media Impact Study 2013.