About BMCI

The BMCI is a social enterprise founded to support the professional growth of Bhutanese media and communication industry. The trainees will be equipped with the skills required to promote professionalism.

Training programmes are developed to suit the needs of the local market. The spectrum of training covers not only news media but also areas such as film, public relations and communications.

The courses are practical, craft-based and encourage analysis of media in a GNH society. In order to sustain training activities in the long run, BMCI aspires to tie up with reputed international institutes/organizations and build a pool of trained local trainers.

Due to the lack of local trainers in the country, BMCI is building a pool of media professionals, by drawing on the resources from both within and outside the country.

BMCI also intends to build the capacity of the media focal persons,local leaders, media planners and communities to understand the role of media and learn to communicate issues of concern to them.

Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

BMCI is well equipped to conduct quality trainings/workshops. It aspires to institute web based teaching and learning. The company will continue to seek new ways to provide a better and more convenient teaching and learning environment through use of technology. The virtual classroom is a thing of the near future, and we are positioning ourselves to be among the first who will provide such services in the country.

 Future of BMCI

BMCI aspires to provide international quality trainings and other services by tying up with some reputed institutions. Their slogan “in pursuit of wisdom” is their commitment to contribute towards creation of a knowledge-based society.