Other Services

Media Consultancy

One of the key focus areas of the Institute’s operations will be to provide media and related consultancy in areas such as media audience and readership surveys, media literacy and education, media development strategies and interventions, research, etc.


Seminars and workshops will be conducted as and when necessary by twining the programs with the needs of the local media. Such initiatives will be geared to shore up the knowledge of professionals on topical issues surrounding the media.

Advocacy and Awareness

Licensed to operate an advertising agency, BMCI is also capable of carrying out several advocacy and awareness campaigns in different media (both local and international).

 Media Buying/Planning and Sales

Having a wide experience in this area, BMCI can provide services and support in planning media messages in the most efficient manner.


BMCI collaborates with the relevant firms/individuals to conduct research. In the long run the media trainees would be involved in all the research works along with their trainers.